• The Woodturners…

    Father and son team, John and Andrew Early have turned their obsession with the beauty of wood into award winning pieces, using only salvaged pieces of wood. Each bowl is turned from wet wood, left to dry for up to four years, then re-turned, sanded and waxed or oiled. “Pieces will continue to dry throughout their lifetime in a dynamic process that makes them ‘living' art works, says Andrew. Experience John and Andrew Early's beautiful wooden vessels and exclusive furniture, which is sought after by decorators around the globe, and which has earned them an Elle Decoration International Design Award and a Conde Nast House Style Award. 0723656270 www.andrewearly.co.za
  • Michael J Mawdsley Jnr

    Michael trained and worked as a goldsmith and jeweller for over 25 years before turning his mind and hands to sculpture - an almost inevitable move since at the core of all his work, the creative drive had always been the main motivation.

    The whole process of taking a basic idea through to a finished bronze requires the same creative drive and ability whether working as a creative goldsmith & jeweller or a sculptor and although Michael still produces jewellery, he finds the sheer physicality of the bronze art form more challenging and more satisfying.

    Michael’s sculptural work to date covers the triad of African Wildlife, the Human Form and the Local Flora. He has produced works from the very small, often to use as door knockers or business card holders, through to large, stand-alone works of art.

    If you are interested in commissioning a specific work, please either phone him on +27 (0)83 294 0107 to discuss.
    Michael John Mawdsley Jnr: http://www.vivavoce.co.za/

  • Rob Fowler at Corrie Lynn

    Corrie Lynn & Co. furniture has been in operation for more than 10 years. They specialise in custom-made furniture using a variety of different woods.

    Robin Fowler, a self-taught cabinet-maker has successfully been designing and manufacturing wooden furniture for a variety of clients all over South Africa. These clients include corporate businesses, game lodges, hotels, restaurants as well as individuals looking for something different.

    Robin has mentored and trained Corrie Lynn & Co staff to produce furniture from raw wood to the finished product. Staff member’s craftsmanship is recognised through labels attached to the individual pieces of furniture.

    Furniture Making Workshops
    Due to demand, Robin is now offering different courses in furniture making at his workshop at Corrie Lynn Farm in the beautiful Dargle Valley in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

    Courses have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 participants to allow for individual attention.

    The courses vary from a very basic level for first time furniture-makers to more advanced specific courses on joints and specialised machinery. The price of the course includes all materials, refreshments and lunches.

  • Lemonwood Facebook page

Current Rates at Lemonwood


If you hadn’t already seen our rates on the website we want to update you on our 2017 rates at Lemonwood. We pride ourselves on offering top quality accommodation at a reasonable and fair rate.

So book yourself a weekend away in one of our cottages and you’ll pay R410pp per night (Kids under 12 R325) or book out the main house with friends or family and you’ll pay R485pp per night (Kids under 12 R325).

All you have to bring is what you would like to eat and drink and coals etc. for the braai, everything else is provided. There is a minimum 2-night stay at the weekends in the cottages and the house is a minimum of 2 nights at any time.

All includes VAT

We’d love to welcome you to our little piece of heaven on earth. Email booking@lemonwood.co.za with the dates you’d like to visit and we’ll do the rest.


What’s happening in the Dargle Valley

Well what a week it has been in the Midlands, and the white frosty Dargle Valley. As you may have seen all over Facebook there was snow all over the place and with plummeting temperatures our fireplaces have been working overtime.

Snow Dargle

Image Credit | Jean Allen

Visitors have been flocking in to the area and it has been a fantastic and festive season that is for sure. With so many delightful restaurants, cafes and craft stores along the Meander it has made for a magical Winter wonderland experience.

However the snow does not last, and there are some other events coming up in the Dargle Valley to look forward to. Get those legs turning and enter the Marriott Dargle Trails Festival. There is a trail run, MTB ride, fun walk and more. All the details are in the image below and you can enter on the Roag website.

dargle trails

If you need accommodation for that weekend, stay with us! Email Kate on booking@lemonwood.co.za.

We look forward to having you to stay soon in our little piece of paradise, the Dargle Valley.

Loving the chilly Winter weather

Winter is indeed on it’s way and these three pictures sum up just why we LOVE the chilly Winter weather in the Midlands.

Break out the Winter coats!


It’s not often in KZN that we get to adorn our warmest coats, BUT as Winter sets in in the KZN Midlands a Winter coat is a saving grace. Our best days are when the sun is out and we meander the twists the turns of the Dargle Valley, stopping off for a picnic by a dam or a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. It’s the best way to spend a Winter’s day.

Stock the fireplaces!


Each of our cottages is fitted with a working fireplace and we replace/replenish the wood supply daily so you will be sure to arrive home to fresh wood ready to be lit. Snuggling up by the fireplace as it heats your cottage up, is one of the best family memory making experiences in Winter.



Of course the best way to warm up on a Winter morning is with a tasty cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Our personal favourite is a coffee from either Terbodore Coffee Roasters or Steam Punk Coffee (both Midlands based coffee roasters/cafes). Make sure you pack your warm drinks before you set off for a Midlands visit in Winter.

What’s your favourite thing about visiting the Midlands in Winter?

If you are looking for a place to stay, whether for a weekend or longer, you can email us on booking@lemonwood.co.za and we’ll let you know what dates are available. Take a look at our website with a full gallery of images for each of our cottages and the main house (which we also rent out). You’ll find that link here.

We hope to see you soon! Have a super day ahead.

5 reasons why getting away is good for your body and soul

Yes it’s true, there are real benefits to getting away for a weekend or a few days. Not just for your general morale, but for your overall body and soul. We love that Lemonwood is a place for many people to retreat to. A haven of peace where one can just enjoy the nature around them.

Lemonwood Cottages are surrounded by forest and the Dargle hills, where birds are chirping and traffic is a far cry away. Getting away for a weekend is easy as we are located on the Midlands Meander, and just a few kms off the R103.

Here are 5 reasons why getting away is good for your body and soul.

1: You have every reason to sleep

Sleep is so important for our bodies. Sleep allows our brains and immune systems to catch up and be replenished. Sleep allows your brain to take time out to make sense of everything that has happened over the day/weeks and with enough sleep you can wake up with clarity of mind and soul. Getting away for a weekend may be just the way you can get in those extra zzzz’s.

2: Experiencing a change of scenery

We’ve all heard the saying “a change is as good as a holiday” well combine change and holiday and you’ll feel like a new person. We speak to so many people who say they just needed to get out the city for a few nights to gather themselves. Sitting out on the porch of your cottage, ponder overing the infinite view towards the Drakensberg does wonders for your body and soul. These images of peace and beauty release endorphins into our minds which aid in feelings of joy and calm. A calm mind equals a calm body.

3: Get active

Getting away sometimes means getting active. Walking, hiking, day trips around the meander. All these activities are stimuli for our brains, which produce positive and constructive pathways. This inevitably leads to a more positive outlook on life which influences every day we live. A morning walk through the Lemonwood forest may be just what you need to feel alive and active again.

4: The importance of alone time

Everyone is unique, and with the constant barrage of comparison in today’s society sometimes it is vital that we get away for some alone time. Alone time allows one to connect internally with their emotions and state of being. Pack a journal, your book, or your ipod with your favourite music and get away by yourself for a few days. Get to know yourself again and enjoy every moment of your ‘me-time’ as you are reminded of the amazing person you are.

5: The value of family time 

On the flip side taking time out with friends and family is also a big part of what our bodies and souls need. Your kids may be needing quality time with you and a weekend away in the Midlands may be just the thing you need. Been working nights for the past few months, plan a weekend away with mates where you can reconnect and laugh together around a braai. It’s moments like these that remind our minds that we value ourselves. Making time for these getaways will naturally improve your well-being and sustain your body and soul longer.

These are just a few reasons why getting away is so important for us as human beings. Pick one or all and treat yourself to some time out. If it’s not in the Midlands, then anywhere you desire. However if the Midlands sounds like a good idea, drop us a mail to book a cottage at Lemonwood.

Find us on Social Media

We all know how easy it is to Google and now it’s even easier to find people, places and deals on Social Media. I’ve noticed that more and more Facebook is becoming a second Google when searching for restaurants, B&Bs etc. So we’ve made very sure that we are on Social Media and you can find us easily.

Find us on Facebook

Search for us typing ‘Lemonwood’ into the search bar, or you can use the URL www.facebook.com/LemonwoodDargle. You’ll see this as our profile and cover image. We post about 4 times a week and update our fans on specials, accommodation rates and things happening in the Midlands. We also post regular pictures of the beautiful birdlife in the forest surrounding us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.05.50 AM

Find us on Twitter

We are also on Twitter. This Social Media is quick and easy. It’s somewhat of a constant stream of news. We use Twitter to connect easily with people and brands. We love how instantaneous it is and so we share info about specials, events and general accommodation.

Our Twitter handle is @LemonwoodDargle. This is what you’ll find.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.09.43 AM

Find us on Instagram

Lastly we are also on Instagram @LemonwoodCottages. We are still growing our community so we’d love you to go ahead and follow us. We love sharing pictures from around the forest and of our cottages. If you come and stay please tag us in your pictures as we’d love to share those too. This is the page you’ll find.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.12.02 AM

We hope you find it easier now to keep in touch with us. Comment, tweet or tag us in your pictures ’cause we so enjoy hearing from our friends and guests.

If you’d like to book a stay just drop a mail to booking@lemonwood.co.za and we look forward to having you.

Surviving the Christmas heat

Unlike the music and pop culture of today say, our Christmas time is HOT! There is no snow and eggnog, no sleigh rides or hot chocolate. We’re all about sunshine, SPF, and ice water.


So here are a few tip to surviving the Christmas heat.

  1. Keep a water bottle at your side : Water is so necessary to replenish our bodies. As we sweat (which we do a lot of in this heat) we need to replace that lost water to our bodies. This will prevent dehydration and even heat stroke.
  2. Leave the house with sunblock on and pack it in your bag : the sun is harsh at this time of year and when you’re visiting the Midlands and walking around you are in direct sunlight. Reapplying sunblock throughout the day will make sure you don’t burn.
  3. Stock the fridge with fresh fruit : watermelon, strawberries, and litchis are the best fruit for those hot summer days. They are packed with juice and you can even leave them in the freezer a bit for a little extra cold crunch.
  4. Pool, beach, shower : scrap the movie nights and indoor lunches. Take your party outside to the pool or beach… and if you don’t have either near you, jump in a cold shower to cool off!

We love Summer and the Midlands is such a great place to be at this time of year. Midmar Dam is full of activities, and the riversides are buzzing with fisherman and their kids.

Christmas time is all about community and we are so grateful for the community growing around us all the time.

Make a plan to visit our part of the world and stay in one of our cottages in the Dargle Valley. We’ll point you in the right direction of where to go and what to see during your visit.

Email us on booking@lemonwood.co.za.

Until next time, have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Lemonwood Cottages Video Tour

Looking for accommodation in the Midlands? Our cosy country cottages are nestled alongside the Dargle Valley and the Lemonwood Forest. A tranquil retreat at any time of the year.

Get a feel for our cottages and surrounding areas by watching this video tour of Lemonwood Cottages.

Our Cosy Country Cottages

We have 4 cosy country cottages at Lemonwood. Each unique and tucked away in their own part of the property. Here is a look at each one to make your accommodation decision easier.

Samango Cottage

Sleeps 4 (with space for mattresses)
Double bedrooms with en suite bathroom
Fully fitted kitchen and dining area
Lounge with TV
Nestled up against the forest

Samango Cottage

Oribi Cottage

Sleeps 4
2 double bedrooms with en suite bathroom
Fully fitted kitchen and dining area
Lounge with TV
Overlooking the pool area

Lemonwood Cottages

Serval Cottage

Sleeps 3
Sleeper couch in lounge for kids
1 en suite bathroom
Full fitted kitchen and dining area
Gorgeous views out onto the valley

Serval Cottage

Serval Cottage View

Dassie Cottage

Sleeps 2
Double bed with en-suite bathroom
Fully fitted kitchen and dining area for 2
Lounge with TV
Overlooking the farm and valley

Dassie Cottage

Dassie Cottage

We also book out the main house which sleeps 10 if you are wanting to host a big family funtion. Alternatively we can book out all the cottages. Email us on booking@lemonwood.co.za for more info.

Have a look at more images on our website www.lemonwood.co.za.

We’re on Instagram

Did you know that we’re on Instagram, and boy are our photos beautiful!
Yes we are allowed to be a little bias, but come on we live in the most incredible part of the world.

Every day we overlook the most magnificent valley and around we is this plethora of greenery, full of birds chirping and buck grazing. Go on, give our Instagram page a follow, and if you use the hashtag #stayatlemonwood we’ll feature your pictures on our Instagram page too!

Follow us HERE.

Lemonwood on Instagram

New Mid-Week Special Rates

Special Rates

Yes our midweek special rate is back.

Stay at Lemonwood from Monday to Thursday for just R275pp per night, and R195 per child per night.

To book your week away send us an email booking@lemonwood.co.za and we look forward to having you!

*Please note that mid week special rates do not apply to staying in the main house, only the cottages.

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  • Pet Friendly @ Lemonwood Farm…

    Bring your dogs on holiday with you to Lemonwood farm!

    Canine Guest Etiquette
    A guesthouse owner's list of dos and don'ts - by Elaine Hurford

    •When you arrive - PLEASE leave your dog/s in the car. Don't let them out on a stranger's property until the host has given you the go-ahead. The resident dogs might not like it. It's best to meet on neutral territory OUTSIDE the gate where they can sniff and get to know each other, and then bring them into the property together.
    •Close gates behind you at all times! This is absolutely vital both in town (traffic risks) and rural areas (there may be farm animals about).
    •Bring the lead! I can't believe how many people travel with no form of restraint for their dogs. It's plain stupid.
    •If you are asked to keep your dog on a lead outside the room or cottage, kindly adhere to this rule. If your dog chases and harms the resident cats or ducks for example, you will have a very unhappy host. Remember that in rural areas some farmers don't hesitate to shoot strange dogs on their property. Sheep and ostriches present wildly exotic scents to urban dogs, and you do not want to go home with a corpse.
    •Bring your own dog bedding AND a big old sheet to cover sofas, chairs, beds or other comfy and tempting places to sleep. The dog will feel more at home and the host will appreciate the fact that your pooch hasn't left hair or mud on the furniture.
    •Feed your dog out of doors or in the kitchen / bathroom, preferably on a piece of newspaper, and clean up afterwards. Pick up dog poos and dispose away from the premises in a knotted plastic bag.
    •Travel with your grooming tool to brush sand and mud out of doors. Don't let wet dogs into the house - you know very well how smelly a wet dog can be.
    •Bring favourite toys and chews with you. It makes the dog feel more secure and prevents furniture damage.
    •Ask ahead whether there is an enclosed garden or patio where you can safely leave them while you go out to a restaurant or shopping. (Some owners do not make this clear in their Pet Policy.) It's not always possible to take your dog everywhere with you, and you can't leave a large pup indoors to consume the furniture and carpets - even for a minute.
    •Check ahead that the local vet will be in residence - or consult your latest edition of The South African Pet-friendly Directory to find out where the nearest vet is. Many small towns don't have a vet. You don't want to be stuck in an emergency and your host won't want to tend to emergencies at night or after hours.
    •If your dogs are diggers, they are best left at home until you've cured them. One remedy is to bury a ball of chicken wire in the hole and cover it with sand, or bury the dog's own excrement in the hole and cover it. Both are unpleasant finds for the digging dog.
    •If your dogs are barkers (and most dogs will start protecting "their" new territory very quickly), keep them quiet until a respectable hour in the morning, and on weekend afternoons. Even if they don't bark at home, you never know what exciting stimuli might be on the other side of a new fence.
    •Please keep your dogs from jumping at the hosts' small children or grandchildren - and for that matter on the hosts themselves! Your dogs may be very sociable but a lavish display of affection from a strange dog may frighten small children.